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Dan Koe @thedankoe

Hard pills you need to swallow (if you want a fulfilling future):

Dan Koe @thedankoe

Most people are sheep.

Since the day they were born, they do what they're told.

Question nothing, believe anything.

This isn't bad.

Sheep can be happy, but fulfillment is another story.

Don't let them project their lack of vision for the future on you.

Dan Koe @thedankoe

You have to build your own thing.

Business is modern-day survival.

Your psyche is wired to hunt.

You are neurobiologically rewarded for hunting for your survival, not for being a monkey in a cubicle.

Hunt for money to ease survival-induced stress & open room for creativity.

Dan Koe @thedankoe

The internet is the hunting ground.

Employers, wealthy businessmen, and like-minded people all have one thing in common:

You can't reach them physically, but you can reach them online.

You have to become valuable, learn modern skills, and display your value in public.

Dan Koe @thedankoe

The internet is a free public school, job board, and journal.

Replace distraction with education.

Replace endless resume submissions for brand building.

Replace suppressing your opinions for attracting like minds.

This is how you recession-proof yourself.

Dan Koe @thedankoe

The difference between you and what you want is skill.

The worst perspective you can adopt is to think that opportunities are limited to the rich and lucky.

If you don't have the results you want in life, it's because you aren't skilled enough.

Dan Koe @thedankoe

Your "luck" is a percentage that increases with the number of people that know your value.

Your value is determined by your skill set... the level of challenge you can take on.

Profitability is determined by the number of high-level challenges you take on.

Dan Koe @thedankoe

There is no end.

Start making mistakes, because you have to realize this through experience.

The "quick fix" mindset has been conditioned into your psyche.

The problems don't go away, they just get easier to handle.

You're in this for life.

Appreciate that fact.

Dan Koe @thedankoe

You need a purpose.

Humans are goal-oriented creatures.

Goals frame our attention, and if you don't create your own, you will gravitate towards societal goals and status games.

Even if you do nothing, you will adopt unconscious goals to survive.

Create or be created.

Dan Koe @thedankoe

Your limitations are self-imposed.

If you want something, there's always a way.

But, your ego is working to distract you from this open state of mind.

Question everything, especially your beliefs about what's possible.

Once you know what's possible, there's no going back.

Dan Koe @thedankoe

Wage slavery is real.

It's funny how society is structured in a perfect way to incentivize you to put off your dreams.

Jobs are great, but should be a stepping stone.

If you can spend 8 hours building someone else's dream, you can spend 1 hour building your own.

Dan Koe @thedankoe

This is my perspective.

None of these are absolute law.

Question what I said, test through experience, and most importantly:

Challenge yourself to live a better life.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

– @thedankoe