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David Morris @wdmorrisjr

Everyone is in sales.

Few do it well.

10 secrets to better selling:

David Morris @wdmorrisjr

We're All In Sales:

Stop denying it.

Whether you are:

  • Running a company or a household
  • Raising money or raising children
  • Writing a novel or a resume

You are selling. Every day.

You can't sell effectively without adopting this mindset.

Accept your role.

David Morris @wdmorrisjr

Sales Is Not A Trait:

The traditional view of sales is personality-driven.

Salesperson = BIG personality

I have tons of charisma...and failed.

That's because people buy from people they trust and are comfortable with.

Adaptability > Charm

Listening > Talking

David Morris @wdmorrisjr

People Buy Emotionally:

Buying is not a rational exercise.

As humans, we don't like to admit this. It makes us sound intellectually weak.

So we feign objectivity.

It's a ruse. Don't fall for it.

Stop selling features, benefits, and technical details.

Start selling feelings.

David Morris @wdmorrisjr

Questions > Answers:

You want to prove your credibility to a prospect.

So, you start talking.

You just lost the sale.

People are buying your ears, not your mouth.

Instead of talking, listen.

Ask questions. Let the prospect talk.

Show how smart you are by shutting up.

David Morris @wdmorrisjr

Once You Find Pain, Stop Selling:

2 things motivate people to buy: pleasure and pain.

Pain is more powerful.

Ask questions to uncover pain. When you find it, stop selling anything else.

Focus on relieving that pain.

People buy their pain and your confidence you can fix it.

David Morris @wdmorrisjr

Go For No:

People don't like being pitched.

There's a natural distrust, a fear that they're getting taken advantage of.

Want the immediate trust of a prospect?

Tell them why it's not a fit.

Let them tell you why it is.

Your "No" = Their "Yes"

David Morris @wdmorrisjr

Always Have A Goal:

Most people wing it when they sell.

Never pick up the phone, send an email, or start a conversation without a clear goal.

And your goal should rarely be closing a sale.

Instead, script incremental wins at each step of the sales process.

Build momentum.

David Morris @wdmorrisjr

Focus On The Experience, Not The Sale:

My team won a big sale last year with a new customer.

The story:

  • Great meeting with a prospect
  • Prospect didn't buy (not a fit)
  • Told a friend about the experience
  • Friend called and bought

Bad experiences are just as powerful.

David Morris @wdmorrisjr

Get Out Of The Way:

No one responds well to pressure.

If you're trying to pull someone toward buying, you're literally standing between the prospect and the sale.

The single most powerful thing you can do is get out of the way.


Make it okay to say "no."

David Morris @wdmorrisjr

Manage The Internal Noise:

Your most difficult customer is always the one inside of you.

Self-doubt and imposter syndrome are real.

Their voice says:

  • I'm a bother
  • They don't like me
  • They don't need what I'm selling

Ask: What if the opposite were true?

David Morris @wdmorrisjr

We all sell. Let's do it better.

  • Accept your role
  • Focus on skills, not personality
  • Tap into emotions
  • Shut up and listen
  • Sell pain relief
  • Go for no
  • Script incremental wins
  • Provide a great experience
  • Don't block the way
  • Silence the voice of self-doubt
David Morris @wdmorrisjr

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