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Justin Welsh @thejustinwelsh

Everyone should own an online course that earns $150+ per day.

The problem?

Most people don't know how to build one.

Here are 6 steps that might help you get started.

Justin Welsh @thejustinwelsh

Choose a topic you can talk about for 30 minutes:

Courses should be about transferring your knowledge to the student.

If you can’t talk about a topic for 30 minutes, unprepared, you probably don’t know enough to sell a course.

This is how you should think about your topic.

Justin Welsh @thejustinwelsh

Create course benefits and outcomes:

Once you choose a topic, so many people start building out the product.

Please don’t do this.

Creating course benefits and outcomes is a step you can’t afford to skip.

Here’s what you want to clearly define:

Justin Welsh @thejustinwelsh

- What specific problem will you be solving?

- What are the benefits and outcome(s) a student can expect?

- Create an outline for your product that helps solve #1 and delivers #2.

- Keep it short: consider helping them reach their outcome in less than 60 minutes.

Justin Welsh @thejustinwelsh

Create a presale promotional plan:

I presold for roughly 30 days because it gave me a little more time to drum up interest.

Next, decide what channels you’ll use to promote it:

  • Social media
  • Your email list
  • Any community you’re in

Then, sketch out your promo content:

Justin Welsh @thejustinwelsh
  • Announcement
  • Reminder
  • Last call

Make sure your promo content answers this question: Why should someone buy this course now, during my presale?

All of your content must highlight the answer to this question.

Justin Welsh @thejustinwelsh

Build out your product in @Gumroad:

Once you have the first 3 steps completed, the hardest parts are done.

Now it’s time to build out your product in Gumroad.

I choose Gumroad because it’s fast, cheap, and easy.

Choose your product name, description, & price to get started.

Justin Welsh @thejustinwelsh

Build a landing page in @Carrd:

Carrd is a simple one-page website builder that costs $19 per year.

You can use Carrd to build out a professional-looking landing page that helps improve conversion.

Here’s what it should include according to @harrydry of MarketingExamples

Justin Welsh @thejustinwelsh

Execute your promotion plan:

You're ready to execute your presale promotion plan.

Start by including the link to the landing page in your social profiles.

Add it to:

  • Your Twitter profile
  • Your LinkedIn profile
  • Any Instagram or YouTube accounts you use

And launch!

Justin Welsh @thejustinwelsh

That's a wrap!

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