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Designing a Customer – Centric Business Model
Vaughtton @Vaughtton

??‍♀️??‍♂️ 6 aprendizajes a la hora de activar (y crecer) la comunidad de @nocodehackers

?? (HILO)

Tibo @tibo_maker

I've sold 2 startups, cofounded 4, worked at 5 and crashed way more

Here are 11 lessons I learned the hard way (so you don't have to)


Sohaib Albadawee @albadawee

Creators: Content creation SUCKS.

Me in 5 months:

26,000 followers on Twitter
13,000 followers on LinkedIn
5,000 newsletter subscribers

Here's my dead-simple content strategy (steal it for free):

Salvador Serrano @ponmedos

Después de +100 proyectos de diseño de producto digital tengo una cosa clara: La perfección es enemiga de lo bueno.

- Impide innovar.
- Te genera frustración.
- Desalinea expectativas.

9 Consejos que me han servido para ser menos perfeccionista y mejor Diseñador de Producto.

Sahil Bloom @SahilBloom

Things I'd like to tell my 20-year-old self:

Nicolas Cole @Nicolascole77

It took me 4 years to write my 1st book.

And it took me 4 months to write my 2nd book.

Now, I can write a 60,000 word book in 30 days.

Here's the framework:

Nick Pechar @nickpechar

How to improve your sales skills VERY quickly.

Seriously... the real way.

María Sajim @mariasajim

Si algo he aprendido durante este tiempo siendo la community builder de @SinOficina_com es que una comunidad tiene que ser un espacio seguro para generar debates sanos ?

Pero, ¿cómo se consigue? Aquí algunos consejos ????

Carl Jung and the Archetypes
Katelyn Bourgoin @KateBour

I run a $400K/year business with 0 employees

Here are 7 lesser-known tools I use to get more done in less time:

Justin Welsh @thejustinwelsh

Twitter hates LinkedIn.

But I'll do 130M+ impressions & $1.4M on the platform in 2022.

Here's how I use LinkedIn unlike anyone else:

Justin Welsh @thejustinwelsh

Everyone should own an online course that earns $150+ per day.

The problem?

Most people don't know how to build one.

Here are 6 steps that might help you get started.

Justin Welsh @thejustinwelsh

My one-person business does $169k/mo in revenue.

It costs me $623/mo + 2.9% to run it.

Here are the 11 no-code tools in my tech stack:


Jay Clouse @jayclouse

Paid membership communities are sexy because their business models resemble SaaS products.

But paid communities are SUPER hard to do well over the long term, due to four major differences... (thread)

Jay Clouse @jayclouse

I earn $40,000+ per month as a solo creator.

If I had to start over, here's what I'd do: ?

Javi Consuegra @jconsu

Cómo ser mejor vendedor (e incluso mejor persona) con 5 reglas básicas de convivencia :)

1) Escucha la mayor parte del tiempo.

¿Has estado alguna vez en una conversación con alguien que miraba su teléfono o su ordenador? ¿O parecía distraído?

Jaime Mesa @Jaime_Mesa

El otro día comentaba que hay una serie de flujos con sus correspondientes emails que son importantes en cualquier eCommerce.

Empezaré con los que me parecen prioritarios.

Iván Orange @ivanorangecopy

Cómo ayudé a un cliente a pasar de 0 € a más de 380.000 € en 14 meses, escribiendo emails en 25 minutos y sin invertir en publicidad.

Iván Orange @ivanorangecopy

Entre todos los emails que he escrito para clientes y los que he escrito para mi negocio, he conseguido generar más de 500k euros.

Aquí te cuento 11 lecciones que aprendí durante todo ese camino.

Ivan Landabaso @IvanLandabaso

?8 aprendizajes de un solopreneur de 39 años que monta varias compañías de >$100M en beneficios

De los mejores podcasts que he escuchado, una conversación entre @theSamParr y @ValKatayev ?

Greg Isenberg @gregisenberg

I built communities that created 83m new customers in 2020 with this marketing framework

I'm curious your thoughts

A startup marketing manifesto:

Frankie Hildebrand @extrafrankie

I've made $750,000+ as a freelancer ?

The secret weapon?

Pitch Decks.

This thread will make you money (completely free) ?

Dickie Bush @dickiebush

The single most powerful habit for personal growth:


Over the past 5 years, I've journaled every single morning—and along the way, I've:

  • Answered over 1,000 questions
  • Tested every app, pen, & notebook

But I always return to a pen, paper, and these 5 prompts:

David Morris @wdmorrisjr

Everyone is in sales.

Few do it well.

10 secrets to better selling:

Dave Kline @dklineii

I've trained 100's of managers.

The 60% who fail make one mistake:

They don't delegate

Here are 9 tactics to win more by doing less ?

Dan Koe @thedankoe

How to start, grow, and scale a profitable side-business (in as little as 1 hour a day):

Dan Koe @thedankoe

Hard pills you need to swallow (if you want a fulfilling future):

Clint Murphy @IAmClintMurphy

I've spent 22+ years studying Finance with the last 7 as a CFO, and

I'll teach you How to Read a Balance Sheet in the next 7 minutes:

Ben Horowitz @bhorowitz

How to 3x your reading speed in 7 days:

Ben Meer @SystemSunday

Life hacks I know at 30 I wish I knew at 20:

Barrett O'Neill @barrettjoneill

I paid $75,000 for this lesson, but you’re getting it FREE.

THREAD: A tactical approach for turning losses into wins.

Alex Hormozi @AlexHormozi

How I manage my $100M sales team:

Alex Garcia ATX @alexgarcia_atx

I built my Twitter following from 1k to 40k in 50 days.

My email list from 0 to 7k in 2 months.

And I didn't spend a dollar.

Here are the 9 secrets to building an audience fast

Alex Brogan @_alexbrogan

YouTube is free education from the best minds in the world.

But 99% don’t know the best classes to take.

Here are the top channels to advance your learning:

Alex Banks @thealexbanks

Want to be a 10x better communicator than 95% of people?

Use McKinsey's 3-step Pyramid Principle:

Aazar Shad @Aazarshad

People consider sales as a second-class skill.

They frown on sales because it *seems* pushy or scammy.

I’ve been doing sales for the last 10 years.

Here’s what I have learned from sales that you can use as a super-power in startups, marketing & life:

Aazar Shad @Aazarshad

No budget for marketing?

I’ve bootstrapped a startup from zero to 7-figures without a marketing budget.

Here are 14 tactics that can get you immediate results: